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Best Practices and Reported Results from Gartner and Leading Companies


Getting the Benefits from DCIM: Where Does One Start?

Most of us know that Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions provide a wide range of capabilities from power and environmental monitoring to asset and workflow management and even modeling and predictive analysis. The task of evaluating and implementing a DCIM solution can be challenging given the many vendors in the market.

But just as easily as you can find a laundry list of DCIM vendors on the web, you can also find ways to implement DCIM that provide you with immediate benefits and add additional capabilities over time to create even more value.

So, where do you start? We are happy to bring to you Gartner's research conducted in 2015 that can help you with this decision. In this report, IT Leaders listed power monitoring, environmental monitoring and resource (asset) management as the most common starting points. These capabilities can not only help reduce energy costs but also provide faster problem solving, reduce unexpected downtime and speed up asset deployment. Read more.


Survey Analysis: Five Things You Can Learn From Your Peers About DCIM
April Adams

24 December 2015

IT leaders who are evaluating data center infrastructure management tools to improve operational efficiency and business agility can benefit from the lessons learned by early adopters. Use this research to better understand the risks, rewards and best practices of a successful DCIM deployment.

Key Findings

  • Real benefits can be achieved with DCIM even if you don't deploy the full suite, and most organizations prefer to deploy DCIM on a module-by-module basis.
  • The top-reported reasons for deploying DCIM are to improve capacity planning, IT/facilities integration and data center visualization.
  • The most commonly reported inhibitors to adopting DCIM are cost/budget, staffing concerns and a lack of prioritization.
  • DCIM purchases are primarily selected, funded and used by people in IT roles.
  • The factors that are most commonly reported as most important in picking a vendor for a DCIM tool are ease of deployment, ease of use, price and software integration capabilities.

Nlyte Content

DCIM ROI Infographic

Leading companies report time savings, cost reduction, capacity planning savings, and more from their DCIM implementations. See the real results – in dollars, percentages and timeframes – compiled in this infographic.

Cisco and TransUnion talk about DCIM

Leading data center professionals shared their experience on the road to optimizing their data centers in a recent Gartner conference panel discussion. See the video and hear about how their solutions from Nlyte are helping them to digitize their data center assets into "one source of truth" to make smart decisions.

Getting Started with DCIM: A Guide to a Phased-In Approach

DCIM implementations can start small and grow to more advanced management tasks. A fully mature DCIM implementation can evolve over time and connect to a wide range of other systems. This guide provides a framework to implement DCIM in phases beginning with consolidation and moving towards full automation.

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